2020 T&Cs Apply

Martin Projects is pleased to present 2020 T&C’s Apply.

In a year that saw unprecedented change, this selection of artists found solace in creative expression. 2020 didn’t have our consent for the T&Cs it came with, but it has given us an abundance of time for reflection. This is brought to the fore in these powerful new paintings by artists Songezo Zantsi, Katharien de Villers, Tafadzwa Tega and Mira Jaan

Songezo Zantsi’s works feature strong African women standing against brands associated with their heritage through colonialism. In Tafadzwa Tega’s works faces and bodies exercise tension as much as celebration, the collective mood oscillates between hope and uncertainty, anticipation and dissipation. Mira Jaan’s paintings display a sence of adolesance in the form of a self portrait with a powerful pose and locking gaze. Katharien de Villiers through tactile manipulations of material, calls on the sensorial, mental and physical potential and participation of the viewer when confronted with her work.

2020 T&Cs Apply will illustrate that even in a year that is tainted in darkness, artists are able to see the silver lining that lies ahead.

1 December 2020 – 31 January 2021