Chromatic Adaptation

Martin Projects, in association with The Kilbourne Collection is pleased to present Chromatic Adaptation

Chromatic Adaptation is the human visual system’s ability to adjust to changes in illumination to preserve the appearance of object colours, despite the wide variation of light which might be reflected from an object and observed by our eyes.

Exhibiting artworks from the Kilbourn Collection, the exhibition has a focus on black and white artworks, with hints of colour that ignite the imagination. We tend to visualise what the colours would be in black and white images whether landscapes, sculptures, still lives, architecture or portraits. Our minds fill in these gaps, trying to make sense of the monochromatic tones.

An artwork may be viewed under various conditions; a warm spotlight or a cool LED, it may be illuminated by sunlight and have different tones throughout the day.

No artwork is ever just Black and White.

September 2021 – December 2021