Scott Eric Williams

Martin Projects, in association with Alliance Française is pleased to present Scott Eric Williams, Pulling it Together

Scott Eric Williams is a self-taught artist from Cape Town and a 2019 Andrew Mellon Award winning artist. Williams uses diverse media, which range from sculpture with recycled materials and weaving to zines and wheatpaste street art. Williams is moved to create empathetic work with an intention to pro-actively contribute to a multifaceted image of African identity. Scott’s work contemplates experiences of migration, land, hope and trade within inner-city contexts. Through his use of urban detritus and site specific materials he strives to make sense of city life.

Conversation comes out of a period of immersed work at the temporary Louisvale art project.

The idea for the artwork was conceived after chatting to farm labourers and the exploration of the Louisvale farm. The shape of the artwork hints at the conversation and consultation at the root of collaborative action for the sake of progress and prosperity.

The artwork is comprised of two feminine figures with various weaving and braiding techniques used to fill the space of the faces. The techniques used inside the faces visually emulate the aerial view of South African landscapes like the Louisvale farm. The bottom of the faces feature strands that span interconnected sections between each figure.

These strands symbolize the common threads which connect humans despite our differences and form the basis for dignifying each other.

April 15 – June 15 2021